Being an event professional always means looking for reliable event management solutions. If you constantly organize events and have places for events, you will want to know the characteristics of the event management software of the places. This type of software is a comprehensive solution for your event planning needs, especially if you have multiple locations available for clients. Here are 10 characteristics of a place and an event management software that can be useful for your research:

1. Event website for venues and event management

Perhaps the most important feature of the sites and the event management software is that it can be integrated into the website of your event. Are you part of a company that owns hotels, restaurants and other places for parties? You can simply package your event and location management services through a portal that can be accessed through the Internet. This can sometimes

2. Venue Booking – Event Management for Venues

This event management feature for premises is particularly useful for owners of premises with multifunctional rooms. If you have a local party, for example, with rooms that can be reserved, you can simply let your customers book their room of choice while it is available on the day of your event. This can sometimes be done through an event ticket software.

3. Catering Management

For many events, food restoration is an integral part of the attendee’s experience. Through local event management software, you can let customers choose their preferred food from an available menu. For customers with dietary restrictions, this feature is a blessing for event organizers like you. The software also allows customers to configure seats so that waiters know which tables need a special service.

4. Beverage management

In relation to catering management, this option will allow customers to choose their drinks of choice. Special requests can also be made in an applications tab. The events management software of the places will allow its customers to choose beverage configurations and packages that fit their budget. For events such as weddings, it is important that you know what alcohol options should be served for the guests.

5. Resource management

Resource management is useful for clients who would trust their headquarters for resources such as audiovisual tools, tables, decorations, signs, bedding, etc. Through the event management software of places, you can now make requests while reserving your place. This eliminates the need for person-to-person interaction between event organizers and clients. However, if the meetings prior to the event are necessary, at least all the details of the event are already established in the printable reports.

6. Personnel management

If your client has special staffing needs, such as DJ, bartenders and A / V technician, they can also configure it through the personnel management function. The essence here is that you will have to hire specialized personnel in advance. The sooner you know the needs of your client, the better you can get to know them through the event management software of the places.

7. Travel and accommodation – Event management software for premises

Yes, you can manage the travel and accommodation of attendees at your event through event management software for the venues. You can offer different options through partnerships with hotels and transportation service providers. All this can be accessible through the same software and the event website. If you are planning an event with delegates from different places, this feature will surely make your experience more comfortable.

8. Management of assistants

Through a local event management software, you can track the specialized details related to the management of attendees, such as the different guest labels, the number of guests, the seating arrangements, the invitations and the confirmations of assistance. These details can be extracted through the online registration process, which can be done through online registration software.

9. Billing management

This feature of the event management software of places is very useful for the financial aspect of your event. For large events, it can be difficult to track payments and invoices. You can generate invoices per assistant or you can also make weekly or periodic invoices for clients with long events. This function is linked to the reservation and, as such, all the data you need is available.

10. Task management

Last but not least, location event management software can help you prepare for your event by allowing you to manage pending tasks for your team. This matches the project management aspect of your event. It will be easier for you to meet the deadlines of the event, coordinate with the members of your team and meet deadlines. You can access this function through different to-do lists that can be set manually or automatically according to the type of event. Gone are the days when you had to use different software for event management, room management and catering management. These are the three event planning groups that can put pressure on any event organizer. By using a solution that addresses all of these aspects, you can sit back and relax knowing that your customers and your guests are sharing their own comments in the most hassle-free way possible.